Sunday, June 6, 2010

Traveling America

Oh man, it's been an insane 3 days. Friday we left from Ruston, Lousiana at somewhere around 1 and drove all the way to Perry, Oklahoma to stay the night. Then the next morning we got up and drove from there to Limon, Colorado all day. And then today we drove from Limon, Colorado to the beautiful Estes Park, Colorado.

Although it's been kind of obnoxious driving for extended periods of time, I really enjoyed it. When you spend somewhere around 8 hours in a vehicle with the same 7 people, you really have some good conversations and get to know each other pretty well. It's going to be crazy driving from Colorado to North Carolina at the end of this week. I'm having a blast so far. And it's late, im tired...I'll update later.
Man, I love all of OT10

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