Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friends Come and Friends Go

Alright, well I feel like I have to write something on here. I can't just abandon my blogggg.

I guess since I've been home I've just realized a lot about friendships in relation to time and effort. In high school you hang out with whoever you're comfortable around or who you get along with. You may only have so much in common, but it's just how high school works...especially if you go to a high school with stereotypes. But in college you actually are forced to go out of your way to meet people; meet people who you have things in common with or who you want to be around. It may be different for other people, but I've found that this has happened for me.

It's weird. I only keep in contact with a few people from back home since I was away at school, and it's kind of unfortunate. But in the "friendship" we both put effort in to communicate, so it works. But there are so many people who I was "friends" with, that I no longer speak with. So now that I'm home, I feel like there's literally no one to hang out with other than those select few who I still stayed in contact with.

Now that I'm home though, I've realized that I genuinely miss my friends from HPU...more than my friends from high school. I just miss them being in my life? I don't know, really. I think it's just cool how close I've gotten to some people and how I've developed good relationships. And I don't usually get attached to people.

But here are some things I realllllllllllllly......reaaaallllllllllyyyy miss about school:
  • Being able to walk out of my dorm, go play beach volleyball, then go to the pool, and get ice cream from the ice cream truck
  • Randomly texting some one and going to dinner 2 minutes later
  • Bike rides
  • Sitting out on the promenade while talking and listening to music.
  • My Kappa Sigma brothers
  • My discipleship with John Sheets
  • Cru and my guys Bible Study
  • Seeing the same people every day, yet meeting someone new every day
  • Theatre...*sigh*
  • Coloring at 2:30 in the UC because there's nothing better to do
I guess I'm just reminiscing? I don't really know. But I'm done. If anyone cares... I'm listening to Relationships by Friendly Fires. (I miss how you could post what you were listening to while blogging on Xanga)

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