Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Oh. My. Goodness.

These last few days have been super overwhelming and amazing all at the same time. I have met some of the coolest people. Orange team has already been able to connect and relate to one another to literally become a family already. I can't wait to learn more about my team mates and become close to them. Each and every person is amazing. However, during this training week in Shocco Springs, Alabama, each team has been able to work together and get to know one another. I've made a lot of cool friends on the Aqua, Brown, and Blue team. But I am sad to say that we all have to disperse at the end of the week and won't see each other until possibly next summer. It's a weird feeling.

Ok, well this week we've had to load in equipment and prep it to be trained in how to begin the process of setting up the camp. My job allows me to do whatever I want. I can assist whoever and basically help anyone who needs help. It also allows me to learn about other jobs and learn how to run them, which is amazing. I will admit, sometimes I feel inadequate because I don't have as much knowledge as those who have worked with the equipment before. It's ok though, I will learn!

But each night a different team hosts the night of worship where they rehearse or run a night like it's camp so that they get practice. We had the first night and I had to do lyrics. Lyrics are easy on powerpoint in church....not on ProPresenter for a large and loud event. I was nervous and messed up on occasion but it's alright. Our production team is really cool and I love all of them. We all connect and support each other really well. The Rec team is very outgoing and super fun, I love them. The Missions people are very down to earth and work driven, awesome! And the "office" team is very focused and pinpoint on a lot of things which is great!

I really just can't wait to get on the road and meet kids and have the real camp happen! It's going to be an amazing summer and I know that God is going to do some amazing things in the lives of our staff, student staffers, and campers. Keep Student Life in your prayers please!

(Oh and for the record...Orange Team won today at staff recreation!! Thats where the title of this comes from...our chant.)

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