Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Okay. So it's been awhile (once again) since I have written. I've explained that I really only write when something hits me or if I'm inspired by something. Well today I was inspired by 2 different things and I wanna rant about them.

First off, I hate my Foundations of Theatre class with a passion. Let's not talk about it. But today in class we reflected on Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and talked about "The American Dream" in relation to the play and characters. We tried to establish what the American Dream was in the 40's and then what the American Dream was now. I tend to sit back and listen during discussions and then give my input. But the class decided that during the 40's the american dream was simply to be married, have a couple of kids, the mom was a house wife, the husband provided for the family, the family had a nice house, and there was financial stability. Then the class debated what the american dream was today. A lot of people said it was the same and some people said that marriage wasn't necessary because you can still have kids, yet it helped. Women now have the ability to work and provide. People should be financially stable and should be able to buy whatever they want.
The teacher asked where everyone got this from, and people said the media, celebrities, and it's just "how things are". Sitting back and thinking...I got mad. I was pissed off that people couldn't think for themselves and decide what was the american dream on their own.

Well here's the "american dream" to me: to be happy.
If the American Dream is what my classmates said it was, then my family and I have failed 100%. Who can decide that just because my parents are divorced, I have failed? Who can judge my family for not spending frivolously because we don't have that kind of money? Who can say that because I live in a small home, that I missed the mark? Who are you to decide what my american dream is?
You can have everything in the world and everything can be picture perfect, but what happens when all of that fades away?
If you set that standard of an "american dream" for everyone and miss one step, did you fail at your own standard?
If I am satisfied and happy with where I am at, then that is my "american dream".
Get outta here. God is the only one who can judge and God is the only one who can set the standards, and He is a God of mercy and grace.


The other thing that really got me today came from #Twitter. I've become a little too obsessed and I like when people tweet intelligent things. Heres one that I read today:

"If youre thinking of giving up on something... you already have. #sotrue"

I read this, sat, thought about it, wrestled with it...and I agree with it. When you persevere and push towards something and reach the end goal, you feel phenomenal. However, during the perseverance and drive, if you begin to think about giving up... you have made your road longer, harder, and bumpier... and more than likely, you will actually give up.
I do believe that you can push past the thought of giving up...but once that thought is there, it's all you want to do... it's the easy way out... it looks glorious. I think that once you've started thinking abut giving up you've lost hope, you start to think "what's the point?", and you begin t slow down.

I don't know, I still need to really let it sit with me some more. But I agree with it... a lot. Whether it is in regard to school, friendships, relationships, jobs, or whatever else. Once that idea of giving up is present, you take one step forward and two steps back. And like i said, I do believe one can push past the idea of giving up.... but then the next step is, "Is it going to be worth it to push past? If I've already thought about giving up, why do I want to keep going on? If I feel this way now, how will I feel in a few days from now?" Just think about it.

Little things that I hear or see don't necessarily slip by me... sometimes they send me for a whirl and get the gears turning. Praise God for that.

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